Birth Doula Care


That’s how much less likely you are to need interventions during your pregnancy and birth if you are companioned by a trained birth Doula during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum

Every pregnancy and birth deserves loving support, care, attention and customized care, and we have committed ourselves to your experience, and wellness and will guide you in planning for your optimal birth experience- no matter what that looks like for you. All ways of birthing are equally precious and our only concern is for your comfort and happiness

What’s Included:

2-4 prenatal appointments to build our relationship

Birth Service 

Built in Backup with another Rushes Doula

1-2 postpartum visits to check in

Evaluation for postpartum depression/anxiety and referral to help if needed

From our clients.....

My husband and I could not be happier with the experience of having our first child, and that is immensely thanks to Dana!

She definitely has all the qualities expected of a doula and provides exceptional emotional and physical support in birth, but Dana is SO MUCH MORE! She REALLY knows her stuff and is able to deliver evidence-based information as well as compassionate, merited advice for your unique circumstance and goals. She is incredibly approachable and puts people at ease to ask anything, no matter how big, little, outlandish or embarrassing a question may be. Dana is exceptionally dedicated to her clients, forever!—even months after the birth of my daughter, she still happily answers all my questions as they come up.

We are so pleased with our experience with Dana and will absolutely work with her again as our family grows!

Meredith A.