40 days for 40 years....

The first 40 days after the birth of your baby are the most important of your life. Get the support you need to enjoy this time, heal, Bond with your baby and feel joyful through this amazing life transition.

We Offer:

Hourly Postpartum Care $25-$45/hr For Families throughout CT, Eastern NY and Western Mass

For Families with CT HUSKY Medicaid and Mass Health Medicaid we offer steeply discounted postpartum care up to 15 total hours through our Rushes Cares Program- the rate is $12-$18/hr based on distance from Winsted CT, Southington CT and New Haven, CT within 30 minutes of those locations and based on your hourly rate of pay you will pay $12-$15/hr for PP care. More than 30 minutes and the rate increases to cover mileage. Please call to register for this care or fill out our contact form.

Postpartum Care Packages which include Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Postpartum Cooking, belly binding, newborn massage instruction, household help, help with rest and coping, baby care instruction and breastfeeding help.

Overnight In Hospital Postpartum Care- partners have to go home sometimes but mothers/Birthing folk need help with baby in the hospital- no worries! We are there for you! $35-$45/hr Charlotte Hungerford Hospital $25/hr

Postpartum Meal Delivery- 15 specially prepared Postpartum meals delivered to your home to help in your postpartum healing- $100

Ayurvedic Meal Prep for Postpartum Healing $30/hr

Ayurvedic Postpartum Food Supplements $25-$45

Bengkung Belly Binding $150 with Wrap

Moroccan Belly Binding $150 with handwoven wrap

My husband and I are new parents and we worked with Dana during the first week of our daughters life. Dana was so responsive and was at our home that same day to help make sure we all were adjusting well. After her initial visit she would check in with us each day and was available at all times through text if we had any questions, we felt like she truly cared and not as if it was a job to her, and she gave excellent advice and support. I highly recommend Dana to any parent for their baby needs!! 

Jessica V.