Placenta Encapsulation Services

Placenta Encapsulation can give you a needed boost postpartum! 

We offer:

TCM Placenta Encapsulation $250 or $200 for birth Doula clients

Standard Placenta Encapsulation $250 or $200 for birth Doula clients

Ayurvedic Placenta Encapsulation- we are the ONLY service to offer this! Ayurvedic herbs and spices are added to your finished placenta powder prior to Encapsulation to add further warming qualities to your capsules. This balances the “cold” Vata energy that women have following birth. $275 or $220 for birth Doula clients.

Pickup and drop off are included in the fee as well as a postpartum visit so you can ask any questions you may have or get breastfeeding support etc in the early postpartum period.

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What our customers are saying

Dana was so helpful, easily accessible, and provided communication about her services and procedures. I didn't have to worry about anything and she made the process very easy. Friendly and personable. Thank you!! 

Jenny S.